[sword-devel] AmTract Encoding

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 25 13:06:34 MST 2007

	I noticed that some of the keys in the AmTract lexicon module (such 
as "Abraham's Bosom") have apostrophes that don't work properly in the 
frontends.  In BibleTime (or at least the development code), the apostrophes 
show up as boxes, and the contents are not fetched.  GnomeSword actually 
crashes when attempting to access those entries.  I opened the raw 
amtract.dat file in Vim and did "set encoding=latin1", which showed the 
apostrophe as a "~R" (this being an indicator that it was some sort of 
nonprinting character.)  Upon "set encoding=utf8", it shows up as "<92>", 
which is another indication of a nonprinting or unavailable character.  Thus, 
it seems the encoding is neither UTF8 nor Latin1.  The amtract.conf file has 
no "Encoding=" line.
	Is this a bug in the module?

-Jeremy Erickson

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