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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 25 01:13:34 MST 2007

Hi Robin ...........

RLRANDALLX at aol.com wrote:
> When I tried to compile sword.dll with the normal x86 Pocket PC 
> emulator I got the following: 
> C:\prog\sword\src\modules\swmodule.cpp(610) : error C2039: 
> 'clearBound' : is not a member of 'SWKey'
>         ..\..\..\sword\include\swkey.h(71) : see declaration of 'SWKey'
I take it from your later post to sword-devel that you now have all the 
files that Troy modified?  It's best to take an update from svn whenever 
there's a commit notice.  I've attached the modified SwordIndex.cpp 
although I guess you already have one that works?  So far, I don't have 
commit access, so the modified files are here and nowhere else.

With regard to your questions.  The memory problem seems only to exist 
in the emulator.  Adjusting the emulator memory usage on settings/memory 
sometimes seems to help a bit.  I now have 19 versions on board and I 
don't get a memory error, but some will probably get removed because 
initialization is now very slow.

Highlighting the search word(s): Great idea.  I've no idea how to do 
this.  Maybe you could take a look?

No need to remove Te2 - that's the reason for having simpleGUI - all the 
source files are the same; simpleGUI just uses a different resource 
file, so test with GUI and use simpleGUI for now.  For the time being, 
any binary release will omit GUI.exe altogether.  GUI as an app name 
isn't very inspiring.  We ought to name the release SwordReader.exe.  
Te2 is evidently for a different text.  I would use it for a commentary 
(or Greek).  BTW, IGNT works well with the greek alongside the English.  
This is one of few modules that actually shows footnotes properly.  We 
have to sort out how to handle the footnotes in modules such as NET.

Landscape issue almost solved.  Just a couple of tiny fixes and it 
should work properly on either - with only one version.  There are three 
or four modified files that are ready for commit (almost).

ICU and CURL not a problem with the Windows Mobile build - they are not 
needed.  I just need them up and running so I can build the commandline 
stuff for testing and debugging - and that's less of an issue now the 
search problem has been taken care of (THX Troy).  However, the PC 
installation package will want them if we incorporate the install 
manager stuff.

Installation packageing is a big job since we have to go up yet another 
learning curve.  For the interim, when we're ready to release the next 
pre, we can make a zip that unpacks straight onto a card, (maybe 
including kjv?) and tell the user to unpack module zips into the same 
directory as the binary straight onto the card.

Daily devotional would be nice!


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