[sword-devel] Flashcards Micro Edition

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 10 01:25:06 MST 2007

After over a year of sitting around with a ton of minor loose ends, 
we've finally polished up the mobile phone and PDA version of Flashcards.

The project now includes a make target to generate micro editions of all 
flashcard lesson sets, along with a mobile friendly index page for 
download.  The application is very small and is included in each lesson 
package.  The flashtools package has been used to generate 4 new word 
frequency lesson sets: greekFreq, (greekFreqKJV), (hebrewFreq), and 
hebrewFreqKJV; () = best results.  The beautiful SIL Ezra and Galatia 
fonts have been used to prerender these 4 lesson sets.  Thanks SIL!   To 
install and use, you can browse with your mobile device to this URL:


The source is available from svn at:


May God bless your efforts to understand Him more!


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