[sword-devel] CLucene and Sword

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Thu May 24 11:47:27 MST 2007


that's great.
I finally compiled sword with clucene support for the Mac.  
Unfortunately currently only for PPC platform because cross-compiling  
clucene for Intel didn't work. Maybe I need someone with an Intel Mac  
for this.

However, there are some question to using the sword clucene  

- where are the index files stored?
- are there some API examples on how this works or is it straight  
forward with looking at the API docs?


Am 18.05.2007 um 19:56 schrieb Troy A. Griffitts:

> Manfred,
>     I believe Will's reason for not using CLucene in SWORD was because
> he couldn't easily get CLucene compiled on the Mac.  Using SWORD's
> CLucene implementation has many advantages, and I'm not sure any real
> world disadvantages.  But, of course, I'm biased.
> o   You get to share indexes between frontends
> o   You get the implementation for free
> o   Your features continue to improve for free when others contribute
> o   You get to benefit others if you add features
> Currently, to my knowledge, SWORD's implementation of CLucene supports
> MORE features than any frontend exposes (with the possible  
> exception of
> DM's latest JSword work):
> o    Full SWORD VerseKey Range parsing support (e.g., Search only in
> Paul's Epistles, "Rom-Phile", or "Jo;1jo-3jo;rev")
> o    Choose verse or chapter granularity for a hit (e.g., Find all  
> these
> words within the same [verse | chapter])
> o    Search in any SWORD module type (Bibles, General Books,
> Commentaries, Lexica, Devotionals, etc.)
> o   Advantage of using SWORD's filter facility to massage data before
> indexing:
>        - Ignore accents and diacritics in Greek and Hebrew
>        - Ignore critical markup in transcriptions.
> o   Currently supported doc fields:
>        - key: The SWORD Key (e.g., in a lexicon "Adam", in a Bible,  
> the
> osisID)
>        - content: The body of the entry
>        - lemma: Strong's numbers or other lemma data included in  
> the module
> o   Seamless integration with other SWORD search mechanisms:
>         - ability to search WITHOUT creating indexes.  This is
> frustrating for me with the newest version of Bibletime.  There are
> often times when I don't want to create a lucene index on a module.  I
> seldom search most modules and an unindexed search average 5 second  
> wait
> time is perfectly acceptable to me on these modules.  I neither  
> want the
> disk overhead nor the initial index creation time.
>        - Regular Expression searching
>        - Searching in ANY EntryAttribute which existing filters, or  
> your
> custom filters, might decide to add.  Some of these currently include:
> footnotes, headings, lemma, morph, AVPhrase (Greek lexicon, Authorized
> Version translation choices for a Greek entry), src (interlinear data
> which links a translation to original), refList (footnotes
> crossreference verses), morpheme (WLC Hebrew morpheme breakdown).   
> (DM:
> This seems a logic place to add the ability to create new CLucene doc
> fields based on these modular filters)
> In conclusion, it seems to me that utilizing and extending the current
> search support in SWORD benefits everyone and leverages an already
> existing solid set of features.
>     -Troy.
> Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Since when is CLucene integrated in Sword and for what exactly is it
>> used?
>> Can it be used by client applications for searching?
>> I'm not really satisfied with using Java Lucene in Objective-C in
>> MacSword.
>> It is possible to use Java classes in Objective-C but it is not very
>> straight forward and difficult to debug.
>> So I'm wondering if we could get rid of Lucene and use the Sword
>> integrated CLucene.
>> Regards,
>> Manfred
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