[sword-devel] CLucene and Sword

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Thu May 17 13:47:44 MST 2007


> When, I don't know. But it's used exactly as in frontends: it's a search
> engine for module texts.
> > Can it be used by client applications for searching?
> It's integrated into sword API, it's just one of the search engines.
> I have tested it with modified diatheke. I built the indexes with
> BibleTime, moved them into module directories, and it just worked.

BibleTime is not using Sword's support for CLucene, it has it's own 
implementation of module indexing, searching, etc.

It should be possible for your to use Sword's lucene support, but as soon as 
you have to change things (e.g. the indexer's type, the types of documents in 
the index) or you need more information about the internals (e.g. sword 
doesn't support versioned indexes yet) you might have to change Sword or 
implement your own solution.
Also be aware that CLucene is always behind Java Lucene in development.

Just my thoughts,
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