[sword-devel] Project management issues with the Sword Project

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri May 11 14:39:54 MST 2007

According to SourceForge's stats, there have been no issues in the 
tracker for at least 1 year, which is as far back as I can look. Maybe 
you're referring to one of the front-end projects' sites, but on the 
SWORD Project project page, I can't see anything beyond a basic 
description, links to CrossWire, and some old news items about downloads 
(the last of which directs people to go to crosswire.org for downloads 
in the future).

Am I missing something?


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp wrote:
> There are still issues on the tracker on SourceForge. If it is not being 
> used, those issues need to be moved into JIRA and/or removed and then 
> the tracker and other features switched off. I'm all for using 
> SourceForge for advertising and recruitment, but clean up would help 
> here as well.
> Cheers,
> Sterling
> On 5/11/07, *Chris Little* <chrislit at crosswire.org 
> <mailto:chrislit at crosswire.org>> wrote:
>     Pertaining to the comments about Sword on SourceForge: We have never
>     used SourceForge to any great extent. I think we used it for bug
>     tracking for a while before we got JIRA running. I guess we were
>     providing the library as a download there for a while, as well.
>     But the primary purpose for our having a SourceForge site is and has
>     basically always been advertising and recruitment--just making it known
>     that Sword exists and pointing people to the website where all of the
>     real information and activity are.
>     --Chris

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