[sword-devel] OSIS recommendations to SIL/JAARS

Kahunapule Michael Johnson Kahunapule at mpj.cx
Tue Jul 24 17:48:07 MST 2007

DM Smith wrote:
> Michael,
> It is good to hear from you again.
You, too...
Of course, I now feel really stupid, but I'm glad you pointed out the
error of my ways before I went too far down that path. :-)
> Couple of comments:
> <p> does not have a milestoned form.
Arghh. That pretty much messes up the whole idea. I should have noticed
>  These do cross verse boundaries  
> and the semantics of <p> don't allow for it to simply be ended and  
> restarted on verse boundaries. So I see several  options: 1) don't  
> use <p> at all,
This isn't a viable option unless a good milestonable replacement exists.
>  2) simulate <p> with something like <lb type="x-end- 
> paragraph"/> and <lb type="x-start-paragraph"/>
That is kind of ugly... but it could work. Actually, you don't really
need both of the above. You can revert to the rather early HTML form of
<p> with no </p>, which works fine. :-) However, for consistency with
being able to change to a milestoned form of the p element, both should
be retained.
>  or 3) submit a change  
> request against the OSIS spec
I think I would rather wait until we had more of a consensus on what we
wanted before doing that.
>  or 4) always mark paragraphs between  
> verses.
Bible translators believe that they have the freedom to place paragraph
boundaries anywhere, not just at verse boundaries. They are right.
>  I suggest 2 and 3, as 2 will allow a migration as the intent  
> is clear. Having paragraphs start and end between verses is allowable  
> in all cases.
> You refer to XMLT. Is this a typo? Should it be XSLT?
> With regard to quotes: Quotes frequently cross verse boundaries. This  
> means with verses as containers that they need to be in the  
> milestoned form: <q sID="xxx"/> and <q eID="xxx"/>. In your sample  
> text you have </q marker="'"> This is improper.
OK, so q elements that indicate start and end of quotes should all be
milestoned, and all have marker attributes. Only the q elements that
indicate Words of Jesus within a verse should be in container form. I
just used the container form in the example because the quotes fit in
the verse that time, although they often don't.
> When using milestoned elements it is easy to produce valid but poor  
> OSIS with respect to overlapping elements. When considering just the  
> milestoned sID/eID pairs, they should not overlap as in:
> <div sID="xxx"/>....<q sID="aaa"/>.....<div eID="xxx"/>....<q  
> eID="aaa"/>
I thought the whole point of milestoned elements was to allow them to
overlap! :-)
Technically you could make verses overlap each other, too... but I can't
think of any good reason to do that. I'm not sure why you might overlap
div and q like your example in real text, unless the div and q started
or ended at the same point, and someone chose to write them out in
random order. A really good OSIS reader wouldn't care. Putting those
sorts of things on the same stack in the writer implementation should
take care of that bit of aesthetics.

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