[sword-devel] Domain changed hands, should be deleted

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 13:02:58 MST 2007

The website has changed locations again. It is now at:

DM Smith wrote:
> I've gotten a response from Maurice and the current website is:
> rpbyztxt.com
> or
> http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/jusala/RP2005/NTTexts.htm
> I have updated tr.conf, whnu.conf, robinsons.conf and byz.conf to 
> reflect the second site.
> In Him,
>    DM
> DM Smith wrote:
>> It appears that the current website is:
>> This gives a fully accented Greek text with a license that allows us 
>> to distribute it. It no longer has Strong's numbers, from what I can 
>> tell.
>> I have sent email to Maurice Robinson for the current location.
>> Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
>>> The domain byztxt.com no longer hosts a Greek New Testament. It has 
>>> been
>>> taken over by a porn site operator. This site should be deleted from
>>> mentions on the Crosswire web site and in the Sword project source 
>>> code. :-(
>>> Michael

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