[sword-devel] Virtual Library of Theology

Anja Hofmann anja.hofmann at ub.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Jul 23 02:32:07 MST 2007

To introduce myself, my name is Anja Hofmann and I am currently working
at the University of Tuebingen on a project called "Virtual Library of
Theology" while doing a PhD in computational linguistics. The website is
www.virtheo.de (note: not all pages have been translated into English yet).
Since May, I have been reading this list and I have shown the BibleCS
tool and the Sword Web /BibleTool interface to my colleague responsible
for the theological content.
What I would love to do: adding a full text search over existing bibles
and other theological texts, that allows users to view translations and
originals in parallel and to access dictionary entries directly from the
There would be one public search interface and one for university
members (including databases with licence restrictions).
My colleague listened to my ideas, but thought that
a. theologians (and other users) would search mainly based on content,
not on linguistic criteria (such as e.g. all verb forms of "to give").
b. people would prefer to work with printed versions as they also need
them for references.
What are your experiences/opions?
Thank you very much in advance.
Yours sincerely,
Anja Hofmann

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