[sword-devel] GPL 3 licencing issues

jonathon jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 04:53:11 MST 2007

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:

> If BibleCS and BibleDesktop disappeared people could just start
> using other programs, like e-sword.

People might not even notice that they had disappeared from
Windows. There are a plethora of free (gratis) Bible Study
programs, and almost as many commercially distributed programs.

> But for Linux BibleTime, GnomeSword (and BibleDesktop) are the only
> options - at least I don't know any other. 

If there are any others, they haven't made it into any of
the Linux distributions. [With three Linux distributions
orientated towards Christians,I'd expect any others to be in
at least one of them.]

> This becomes even more important if Linux user base grows in the third world. 

Imagine your preacher having a KJV that did not contain a
concordance, cross references, or any textual apparatus.
Change the translation, and you are describing the standard
Bible for minority languages everywhere.

> but only if we are thinking about our user base in Western countries.


How many people realize that the study tools included in
GnomeSword are more comprehensive than the tools that Bible
College graduates in some third world countries own?


The other issues are:

* What will happen to the programs for the various PDA

* What are the odds of a vendor hijacking a PDA version into
a commercial program?


Does anybody have a list of Bible Study Software that is
distributed under the GNU GPL, or other Open Source Licence?



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