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Alonso Graterol alonso.graterol at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:49:39 MST 2007


   I'm using BibleDesktop in Spanish, language which uses accented
   I also prepared a reading plan that with the help of Karl Kleinpaste's
"BuildModule" script I was able to use with BD.
   In version 1.0.6 I used the plan without any accented character in linked
passages because it seemed the English version bible was coded as reference
for passage search and link, even for Spanish bible. I recall international
characters were not shown appropriately all the time.
   Now in version 1.0.7 Spanish bible reads very well, I like specially the
paragraph separation. But now my reading plan does not work, that is, it
shows up in BD but the link to the passage does not work. It won't work if I
either use accented or non-accented characters. As an example, "Genesis
40-42" would work in version 1.0.6 but in version 1.0.7 either "Genesis
40-42" or "Génesis 40-42" (Spanish) does not work.
   Besides, accented characters show up garbled in passage's link panel. As
an example, character "é" would show as a small square...
   Any ideas?
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