[sword-devel] Calvin's commentaries, and ThML to OSIS conversion

Luke Plant L.Plant.98 at cantab.net
Fri Jul 13 10:06:02 MST 2007

On Wednesday 11 July 2007 17:55:08 DM Smith wrote:

> Yes right now osis2mod expects commentaries to be encoded as a Bible.
> This is not the way it should be. I guess I'm the owner of osis2mod
> since I touched it last :) Anyway, I should have some free time in
> the middle of August to take a look at upgrading it to handle
> properly encoded commentaries. Please remind me around then.

That's great, I will remind you later.

For anyone else who is interested, the complete commentary in OSIS 
format (bzipped) is now here:


(it may require a bit more work, but it is at least valid OSIS in about 
the right structure you would expect for a commentary, and almost 
lossless from the ThML apart from header information I think).

Once I get access to the subversion repository, I'll upload my 
conversion scripts there.



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