[sword-devel] Python and swig

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Mon Jan 29 11:41:04 MST 2007

Hi there.

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 07:18:31PM +1100, Ben Morgan wrote:
> If you have any specific questions on how to do something, just email me.

I m copying the list as well as the answer may be interesting to have on
the archive of the list.

I do not understand how to get a list of book that one can use in a
given module.

Using the following code, i have a sort of list of existing bible book:

import Sword
import sys
while 1:
    print "cnt=%d" % cnt
#    count=vk.bookCount()                                                       
    print "%s -> %s " %(abr,name)
    print "error=",error
    print vk.Index()
    print vk.UpperBound().Index()
    print vk.LowerBound().Index()

However, as my verse key does not know wich module i m interested in, i
cannot be sure all the book will be available for a given module (i
think tere are some translation that are not complete).

Plus, I do not see any new testament book (except for revelation).

I cannot understand how to detect i reach the end of the books.

Bear in mind that, as my python version does not seem to implement
help(), i guess what is available in the modules and object i have 
with dir().

Before trying to understand every things related to text rendering, i
would be happy knowing how to:

-get a list of books in a module
-get a list of chapter in a book
-get a list of verses in a chapter

I hope the 3 mechanism are similar :)

Best regards

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