[sword-devel] osis2mod title bug (was Re: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender)

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 08:25:50 MST 2007

Pierre Dumuid wrote:
>> A few issues I found with osis2mod:
>> *Error 1: <note>'s didn't display in bibletime or gnomesword2*
>> <verse ...>
>> <p>
>> asdfa sadfa<note>this got recognised as a footnote but failed to work 
>> properly in both bibletime and gnomesword2</note> sadga
>> </p>
>> </verse>
>> *Error 2: multiple <title></title> within a verse acting a bit wierd:
>> *<verse >
>> <title>test1</title>
>> <p>...</p>
>> <title>test2</title>
>> <p>...</p>
>> <title>test3</title>
>> <p>...</p>
>> <title>test4</title>
>> <p>...</p>
>> </verse>
>> would end up turning out in sword as:
>> test4
>> test1
>> ...
>> test2
>> ...
>> test3
>> ...
>> ...
> I think I narrowed the bug as being that the last title given within a
> verse would be "the title" for that verse, and hence placed at the top
> of the verse.  My TEMPORARY solution was to add an empty title at the
> very end of a verse

I think this is a bug too. I'll look into it as well.

To understand the bug you need to know how Sword represents Biblical 
text in a module. The only thing that exists in a module are verses. We 
allow for some special verses. For example,
Gen.0.0 is a book introduction
Gen.1.0 is a chapter introduction

The verses in the module do not contain the <verse> tags or their 

In OSIS it is permissible to have markup
a) between verses
b) between the beginning of a chapter and the first verse or
c) after the last verse of a chapter

In each of these cases osis2mod tries to determine where the elements go.
In the case of c) it is appended to the last verse.
In the case of b) it is split between verse 0 and verse 1
In the case of a) it is split between verse n and n+1

The splitting rules are complex (and thus won't work for all cases) but 
it tries to put final titles with the following verse.

When text is appended to a verse, nothing special needs to happen. But 
when text is prepended we need to mark it as pre-text so that the verse 
marker can be properly placed. At this time only title is handled.

The bug in osis2mod is that it does not expect titles to be within a 
verse. It expects them to be outside. Once in a verse all the markup 
should be retained.

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