[sword-devel] diatheke plain output - line breaks missing?

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Tue Jan 23 00:35:05 MST 2007

This is interesting topic for me because I have used diatheke with with
my IM bot, as you may remember. It uses plain text, but mostly it has
rendered quite well - maybe I just have missed some special situations.
If I find time I can test your efforts or give some other help.

Now when diatheke is worked on, maybe someone could add the man page
into svn: http://iki.fi/eelik/sword/.

Also, I had some suggestions for diatheke some months ago. Has anyone
(Chris) thought about them?

	Eeli Kaikkonen (Mr.), Oulu, Finland
	e-mail: eekaikko at mailx.studentx.oulux.fix (with no x)

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