[sword-devel] Strongs tags link

Richard Parsons richard.parsons at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 09:36:03 MST 2007

Hello everyone, I'm still working on a .NET client for the Sword
Project and I have got verses pulling up using a markup of
fmt_htmlhref and an encoding of enc_html.  I'm now trying to get a
handle on the Strong's numbers, morph tags, and footnotes.  Currently
when I turn any of the tags on they show up as links (because I'm
using a web browser to display the markup I get) and when I click on
them it tries to take me to a JSP page.  What methods are recommended
for changing where that points or how those tags are encoded?

Thanks for any info you can provide,
-Richard Parsons
Richard.Parsons at gmail.com

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