[sword-devel] compressing LD modules

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Sun Feb 25 21:50:04 MST 2007


I have created a Thai dictionary module that displays fine in RawLD format. When I try to create a compressed module, my latest attempt runs up against an error in Win SwordCS of "Access violation at address 004F3389 in module 'sword.159.exe'". I created the first attempts with an older version of mod2zmod and the latest with the version on the beta CD. The module is zipped but no cipher key is set. (I notice that most LD modules are in a Raw format; is that because of the difficulty in getting the data files zipped?) Can someone suggest how to properly compress these LD modules?

mod2zmod acts a little differently with LD modules. With Bibles and Commentaries, it puts the files in a specified folder. With LD, it creates four files in the folder with the specified name.

The conf in mods.d also specifies files a little differently. When I specified only the containing folder, there were no errors but nothing is displayed. Looking at some other LD conf files, I changed the file location to include the file name (without extension). That seems to help Sword find the file but then the above errors came up.


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