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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 25 17:51:11 MST 2007

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Brent Kirkley wrote:
> Yeah, I see what your saying.  However at Sun when we are rebuilding
> software, at a certain point we look at completely rebuilding from the
> ground up with an entire new standard .. we do this just to shed the weight
> and work arounds of the older architecture.  So where I was going with was
> if the php client if you will was written in such a way to only incorporate
> the newer adopted xml texts, granted it doesn't make everyone happy.. but it
> would in time help motivate folks to port the old texts to the new standard
> formats or build import/export tools ..etc.
> It doesn't really matter to me, just looking for easier ways to make getting
> the Word of God out there quicker so more people can get at it where ever
> they are.  With the current move to the web all over the world, its on
> phones, and pda's, dumb terms, pc's, even on TV's now.  Can you imagine a
> missionary in some foreign country sharing the bible with some guy living on
> a mountain somewhere over a satalite web phone looking at a web version of
> the Sword texts?? Cool huh!
> /bk
> Jonathan Morgan wrote:
>> On 2/24/07, Brent Kirkley <kirkley at kirkley.com> wrote:
>>> I'm interested in participating in a php version of the sword software.
>>> According to the Osis docs the bible texts aren't too var removed from
>>> regular xml docs so parsing them out shouldn't be that bad.  Also, I was
>>> thinking.. instead of trying to incorporate all of these C libs into the
>>> php
>>> build stack.. why not recreate them as php module/libs or even objects.
>>> Granted the effort is duplicated but at least the build is completely
>>> separate from the build tree.
>> The Sword library contains a large amount of functionality, which it
>> would be difficult to duplicate in any given language, and it would
>> require adding support for anything as Sword added support for it, to
>> keep it current.  Even the JSword project, which has had a large
>> amount of effort put into it, is not very close to the Sword library.
>> If you use a binding to the existing library, then you get all the
>> functionality already there very nearly for free.
>> In addition, the issue isn't just OSIS.  A large number of Sword
>> modules are in the ThML or GBF formats.  Unless you wish to support
>> all of these, you lessen your chances of dealing with any Sword module
>> properly.  Sword supports all these module types already.
>> Jon
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