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Alonso Graterol alonso.graterol at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 07:08:37 MST 2007


   I've been trying for a while to produce a reading plan in imp format to
then import to Sword and use it within BibleDesktop, following instructions
in http://www.crosswire.org/sword/develop/swordmodule/.
   I used the key encoding "$$$mm.dd" as indicated for each day followed by
a new line indicating the passage to read.
   I then use the imp2ld tool to import to Sword before firing up BD.
   (Sorry, I pressed send by accident)
   I use a .conf file similar to the one for losung_99 daily devotional
   When in BD the reading plan does not show all days that were defined and
also there is barely a chronological order. Some old dates appear more than
once. For example: february 16, february 19, february 17, february 21,
february 17, etc. Furthermore, I can select the empty space where line
february 17 should be (after february 16) and I can read the converted code
corresponding to february 17 and february 18 (02.17, blah blah, 02.18, blah
   What amaze me is that despite the source file is uniformly formated what
is shown in BD is odd. Why some dates are shown correctly and others do not?
There is not a pattern to predict which ones will show correctly.
   Is there something I'm missing in the process?

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