[sword-devel] Html filter questions

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 18 20:56:37 MST 2007

Forgot to answer this:

> Also, look at John 3:2 and the first note.
> Its entry attributes are the following
> ('body', 'Greek <hi type="i">him</hi>'),
> ('n', '1'),
> ('osisID', ' John.3.2.note_1'),
> ('type', 'explanation')
> For a start, shouldn't it be <i>him</i>?
> Also, I would like to have the note number displayed, maybe, instead of 
> "*n". Is this possible?

Attributes are stored in their native markup.  <hi type"i"> is an OSIS 
tag.  If you would like to process this for rendering in your requested 
markup, you will need to call:


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