[sword-devel] Copying scripture quickly for presentation

Ben Morgan benpmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 03:18:52 MST 2007


Have you looked at DreamBeam (http://dreambeam.de/)? This is an open source
worship presentation software, which says it has integration with SWORD.
This is mainly meant for songs (I think), but should be able to do verses.
It also has dual monitor support. As far as I know it is windows only
(requires directx, c#, flash player, etc)

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On 2/18/07, Jari Strand <strand_jari at hotmail.com> wrote:
> It's an interesting idea but I was thinking of rather making a new
> external
> app (like the install manager) that would open up for displaying the
> verse.
> Could call it scripture presentation and it would overlap the whole
> screen.
> Then it could be closed as windows usually are closed with hotkeys
> (alt+F4)
> or even with ESC. All it would really need is option to choose background
> color or bitmap to be displayed in the background and then maybe location
> coordinates for the scripture.
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> >
> >Just a thought, but it might be interesting to look into PLT
> scheme.  They
> >have a programmable slide show of some sort.  I haven't looked too much
> >into
> >it, but I played around some.  I don't know what would be involved in
> >making
> >a module/bindings/whatevertheycallit that works with Sword, but if its a
> >doable thing, that might be an interesting project for someone to take
> on.
> >
> >-DJ
> >
> >On 2/9/07, Jonathon Blake <jonathon.blake at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>Bill wrote:
> >>
> >> > Also possible is a mini web server application interface to Sword.
> >> > You can then keep all your user interactions within the web browser.
> >>
> >>A year or two ago I stumbled upon a CGI script that served up verses
> >>from bibles formatted according to  the specs used by The Sword
> >>Projecct. I have no idea where I found it, nor did I keep a copy of
> >>it.
> >>
> >>xan
> >>
> >>jonathon
> >>
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