[sword-devel] GnomeSword on Windows under cygwin

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Feb 17 20:37:45 MST 2007

If you are a Windows user who would like to see a different Sword UI,
may I suggest:


Read the comments at the top of the script so as to do the needed
manual setup steps, then run the script.  You also need to obtain tar
files of CLucene and gtkhtml3 (cygwin has 2 but not 3, so I bring it
in the hard way).

The result gives every impression of being very complete, but
admittedly I can't possibly have explored every nook & cranny of
GnomeSword since I got this working.

Due to the lack of a gnome-doc-utils package for cygwin, the manual is
not installed.  If you wish to have the manual in module form that you
can use inside GnomeSword itself as a genbook, you can pick it up as
well from ftp.kleinpaste.org in /pub/sword/zip/gnomesword.zip.


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