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Thu Feb 15 11:19:52 MST 2007

In case anyone might still be considering, we have not yet had any 
response to this post below.  Absolutely anyone who feels led to own 
this, please be heard.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> It has been a long time since we've had an up-to-date CD image for 
> CrossWire software.
> The task is quite challenging, as the latest versions of software for 4+ 
> operating systems, installers which install software and modules from 
> CD, along with the latest modules, and source code, all have to be 
> brought up to date and come together at a specific point in time where 
> everything is stable and works nice on 1 CD.
> In the past I have tried to manage this, but have done a very poor job. 
>   So, I would like to relinquish this responsibility to make room for 
> someone with more passion, time, and vision.
> If you have any interest in this, please prayerfully consider becoming 
> the CD image pumpkin holder (if this is not a familiar term, it means 
> that you will be ReSpOnSiBlE before man and God for this task!).
> We have a basic methodology and layout already in place.  We're looking 
> for someone who will:
> o	communicate with each project present on the CD and bug THEM to keep 
> their project up to date.  Most have permission to update their own 
> files.  You can bug me to setup permission for people who need it.
> o	fairly manage space on the CD between projects, as we sometimes bump 
> up against the CD limit.
> o	test (and facilitate testing) the usefulness of the CD installers and 
> the "run from CD" functionality.
> o	solicit feedback from project leaders and users on how to improve the 
> CD, and plan according.
> o	cut beta and final ISO images from the 'latest' cd image tree when 
> everything seems to be at a good state (we have a script to do this).
> I personally am hoping this will be a great opportunity for someone not 
> already too busy with other things.  The reason it has not been properly 
> maintained lately is because of my failure to put the proper amount of 
> time into the task.  I am planning to help keep the image files 
> up-to-date, as all the project leaders should do, as well.  But we need 
> a responsible person with experience and knowledge in this area who is 
> willing to make this a valuable and useful ministry of CrossWire again.
> Thank you for considering.  May God prompt the right person to step up 
> and own this responsibility.
> 	For Him,
> 		-Troy.
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