[sword-devel] Aletheia - Bible software for Ubuntu

Chad Johnson chad.d.johnson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 17:15:32 MST 2007

Hello everyone,

I've been working on some Bible software for Linux (and also Windows) called
Aletheia. It's lightweight as it uses the wxWidgets interface framework for
its frontend, and it also uses the SWORD. I had a request from an Ubuntu
developer for making this work under Linux, so that's my motive. There are
existing Bible software packages for Linux out there already I know, but I
did not much like their UI's, and this was a good learning experience for

The program utilizes wxAUI for a clean, modern, tabbed and floatable window
interface, much like Firefox and Visual Studio.

The project was previously only working on Windows, and it utilized my own
in-house Bible module format, but now I've integrated it with the SWORD
modules and it's working on Linux.

It's not finished yet (but soon a release candidate will be out). There are
instructions for checking out from SVN on the home page -

If you have any ideas/requests for features then now is the time to send
those to me. Also if you wish to help then let me know. I currently have
plans for concordance and commentary integration, notes, verse/passage
highlighting, and perhaps usage of the Google Maps API - but progress
depends highly on the amount of interest I receive.


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