[sword-devel] SWORD link, and other misc. comments

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 4 02:18:35 MST 2007

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> It would be nice to extend SWORD linking, first to differentiate between 
> self references and general Bible references, as I think adding 'self 
> referencing' give us the most bang for our... er... well, sacrifice of 
> time.  A full blown mechanism to reference any exact work doesn't sound 
> hard initially, but we've talked about this when defining the OSIS 
> specification and it gets pretty crazy when you start defining fallback 
> behavior if the user doesn't have exactly the module defined, but 
> something close.

I think, in order to handle the necessary mapping, we would need to 
maintain a registry of modules that we support linking to, along with 
some method for customization so that users can specify which Spanish 
language Bible they prefer or which dictionary they prefer to handle 
Greek Strong's refs.

> I thought we left the OSIS specification to say that osisRef defaulted 
> to Bible.KJV if no prefix was specified in the osisRef and no 
> osisRefWork was defined.  We tried to steer OSIS as much as we could to 
> match how SWORD operates in areas we felt SWORD has already flushed out 
> reasonable behavior over the years.

Actually, it was Bible.NRSVA. But that's 99.9% identical to a KJV + 


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