[sword-devel] A new Tischendorf8, from Petersen's recently-released v1.5

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Feb 3 20:39:16 MST 2007

DavidTroidl at aol.com writes:
> At first I was getting 'boxes' for missing characters, so I switched the  
> font to GentiumAlt. The display is very nice. Strong numbers, morphology show up  
> too. And most of all, diacritics! People have been requesting this.

I don't seem to have GentiumAlt, but "@Arial Unicode MS" has proven to
be a good choice.  No boxes, and the diacriticals look good.

To all: I've been exchanging email with Mr. Petersen for the last
couple of days, and he has asked that his README-short.txt be included
in the About text, so I have updated the .conf appropriately.  Also, I
had neglected to include the BuildModule script which produces this
module from the source *.txt files, which is now present both in the
modules/texts/rawtext/tisch-up directory and in the *.zip.


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