[sword-devel] Creation of commentary using osis..

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Feb 3 05:45:20 MST 2007

Pierre Marc Dumuid <pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au> writes:
> But I did see that on the website it said that OSIS 
> is the preferred format... hence my choice.

For myself, when I first encountered Sword tools a year ago and wanted
to start generating modules, by dumb (bad) luck I happened to open up
a GBF module (and didn't realize there was >1 format) and so produced
that; then I got confused about GlobalOptionsFilter and grep'd mods.d,
found ThML was far-and-away the majority format, and incorrectly
deduced that of course ThML must be the preferred format.  It wasn't
until later that I learned that a different preference existed.  I've
been doing ThML since.  Perhaps someday I'll re-target for OSIS but so
far I have sensed little need to do so.

> I couldn't immediately find your bugzilla, and I'm not so keen on
> joining every mailing list for every sword client.. so please excuse
> me for not joining that list.

I filed a bug late last evening.  The tracker is at
You can arrange to track a single bug report if you wish, though you
do have to be known to SourceForge.

> So even though the Ephesians module is complete and usable for
> testing, the link is provided for testing only, and I am required
> that I get permission before officially distributing it.

Understood.  In fact I already noted this in the bug report.

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