[sword-devel] Sharmahd Computing UniPad: a text editor for Unicode files

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Dec 31 04:43:16 MST 2007

David Haslam wrote:
> Perhaps it wasn't so obvious unless you've tried it, SC Unipad comes with a
> popup keyboard which can be used to type (with the mouse) from [almost]
> every Unicode page - which means you can type script in non-Latin languages
> such as Thai, Arabic, Hindi, Greek, Hebrew, etc.
> That's why it is of significant potential use for Bible translators.

I would guess that all Bible translators actually know how to touch type 
in their target languages, using either built-in keyboards or Keyman. 
For built-in keyboards, you can use the on-screen keyboard that is built 
into Windows to type with the mouse (just run "osk").

Unipad sounds like it has similar functionality to BabelPad + BabelMap 
(which are free).


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