[sword-devel] daemon wanted, willing to pay reasonable fee

Wade Maxfield wmaxfield at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 19:32:59 MST 2007

  I want do do a bible program project, multi-platform, accessible
from a gui development environment that is not currently compatible
with sword (neither java nor C++).

   I would like a daemon that can run under windows, linux, and
macintosh that sits at a socket and accepts request for scripture
verses and searches and other command and control requests (such as
language selection) and spits the answers back to the requestor, based
on the current sword engine.  It doesn't have to negotiate a new
working socket with the other end, but that would be nice.

   This program would be released GPL back to sword.  The deliverable
would be the source code to me, the source code with GPL license to
sword, and three executables with build instructions for each platform
(linux, windows, Mac) that I would verify builds and works with the
current released version of sword.

   I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this, and my company would
retain the copyright (this would be a work for hire).  There would be
a simple contract involved, and the GPL proviso would be spelled out
in the contract along with the copyright.

   My email address is wmaxfield at gmail.com if anyone is interested.


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