[sword-devel] Overriding "options.conf" properties with "MOD.conf" properties

RLRANDALLX at aol.com RLRANDALLX at aol.com
Sat Dec 29 21:17:39 MST 2007

I did not get much response in pointing out a problem with morph  codes
linked to an LD module. I understand that Hebrew Morph codes are in  the works
but the problem is really in the LXX module since "GreekParse" is set
to "Robinson" in the global "options.conf" yet "Packard" is needed for  LXX.
It works fine for the TR and KJV New Testaments since they both use
Robinson morph codes.  Can we come up with a simple scheme (similar  to
below) where we can override "options.conf" with "LXX.conf"?  Is there
anything I am missing here?
Robin Randall <_rlrandallx @ aol  .com_ (mailto:rlrandallx at aol.com) > on 
>Below is what should be set for KJV, TR & LXX modules:
>KJV  O.T.   Feature=HebrewDef=StrongsHebrew
>               Feature=HebrewParse=??????           
>KJV N.T.   Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
>             Feature=GreekParse=Robinson>
>TR  N.T.    Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
>           Feature=GreekParse=Robinson 
>LXX           Feature=GreekDef=StrongsGreek
>            Feature=GreekParse=Packard  

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