[sword-devel] *.conf qualifier, InstallSize

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Dec 29 14:43:13 MST 2007

Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> writes:
> Personally, I have no interest in updating all of the existing .confs to 
> add the install size, and have no desire to do it on an ongoing basis as 
> part of the release process. If we can add it as an automated process, 
> that's fine/great.

First-round fix-up, just cut-n-paste this after cd'ing to $SWORD_PATH:

for mod in mods.d/*.conf ; do
    echo InstallSize=1 >> $mod
    data="`grep ^DataPath= \"$mod\" | sed -e 's;DataPath=./;;' -e 's;[a-z]\+$;;'`"
    files="`find \"$data\" -type f`"
    installsize="`cat $files | wc -c`"
    sed -i -e "s/^InstallSize=.*$/InstallSize=$installsize/" "$mod"

Take out the echo from the core of that to apply it as-is to any update.

This is a minor simplification of how I manage my own repos.

> Adding InstallSize doesn't really give the whole picture when it comes 
> to modules like the Dore woodcuts, anyway. They take much longer to 
> download than their relative size would suggest because of the many 
> files they contain, rather than their size alone.

70M coming over a Comcast link whose uplink is throttled to 800Kbps...
Basic operational analysis says the fact that there are 200+ files is
utterly inconsequential -- the trivial inter-file delay simply vanishes
into overall link transfer time.  To make inter-file delay worth
noticing, end-to-end link speed would have to approach 10Mbps, and even
Crosswire hasn't got that.  I do in-house installs on my machines using
my own repos, where I have 100Mbps wired, and I know how this works.

I've already updated every module in my repositories and made the
changes to GnomeSword needed to support it.  I'll be committing them

It all works fine.

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