[sword-devel] *.conf qualifier, InstallSize

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 29 13:18:55 MST 2007


I'm not sure I remember every hearing about this.  I wonder who added it 
to the page.  If the size of the module needs to be know, I would rather 
have a method call in the engine that uses the transport to compute the 
size.  Actually, I think this is already done, because the windows 
installer provides 2 progress bars: current file, and overall.

Now my memory could be bad and someone on #sword might have lobbied for 
this, but I sure don't remember.


Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> I was looking through
> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/DevTools:Modules
> and happened to notice for the first time the InstallSize qualifier:
> "InstallSize - <integer (indicating bytes)>"
> Because some of the modules I've got in my repo are so large (most
> obviously, DoreWoodcuts, 71M; some others with limited distribution in
> the 10-50M range), now and again I have wanted to be able to make it
> obvious via the module manager just how big the available modules are.
> However, looking through mods.d/*, I find not a single instance of this
> qualifier being used.
> Would it be worth the imposition to get this qualifier into all the
> currently existing mods.d/* at Crosswire?  If I could count (generally,
> even if unreliably) on such a thing, I would be happy to update the GS
> module manager to display it, in the hopes that other folks implementing
> UIs would do the same.  Then users could make an educated decision as to
> whether they want to spend either link time or disc space to get really
> big modules.
> OTOH, if it's considered insufficiently helpful, then I won't bother.
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