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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 29 02:39:02 MST 2007

Hi there .......

I was aware that we currently don't handle 'linked verses' properly, but 
had not realised that there were any publicly available modules that 
uses them.  Until this morning.  I was looking at Calvin's commentary: I 
think that's a public module?  That makes heavy use of them.

The library doesn't check for them, so it's up to the front end to 
buffer the last verse, and check if a call for the next verse returns 
the same text.  I had looked at this, and there's a problem in 
SwordReader because the SwordIndex class hides this operation.

David, do you have any thought on where might the easiest place be to 
put some code for this?

God bless,

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