[sword-devel] SwordReader - problem with Rev 22 - FIXED

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Dec 28 02:41:32 MST 2007

Hi David .........

David Trotz wrote:
> Test this for me Barry, I think I have it fixed, but there is a 
> possibility I introduced a new bug, or perhaps a bug nest. ;-)

Initial test seems fine.  I'm sure it's fixed.  Thanks for that.  I'll 
keep testing, as I do use SwordReader regularly anyhow and always the 
most up-to-date build from svn.  Sorry I didn't get chance to look at 
the problem myself.  The more work I put into the module installer, the 
more I find silly problems that take ages to get to the bottom of.  At 
the moment, I can't copy a file to the mobile device - the rapi 
createfile function fails, and yet I'm passing exactly the same strings 
and information to it that work OK in the rapi example that I've got, 
and that works!

I ought to have had a finished version out there yesterday if it were 
not for this stupid problem.

When I've done with it (sigh!) I want to take a look at writing the last 
bible used (as distinct from commentary) to the options.conf so I can 
pick this up to use in xRefs ...  I might also put into the .conf an 
xrefBible= variable (entered manually for now), but we could allow the 
user to select a preferred version for xRefs ....

Thanks again for taking this last problem on board ....

God bless,

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