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OK, I read the correspondences and I am open to having Lynn's stuff in the Sword Engine, that is not a problem for me because it would be a part of the mainline Sword Engine, but its going to take a lot of time to add that, I'd imagine. So I am happy to that we see eye to eye on this issue. 

Now about the HTML rendering as I stated earlier I had done some timings and found where most of the time was being lost and it is in the HTML engine not sword lookups. I will try to do a timing of what Troy has suggested to prove this point further. Bottom line is we have nothing to loose (except my time) to have me write our own text viewer and if it fails we just won't include it in our code. I am OK with that. 
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Hi David ......

David Trotz wrote:
> In response to Barry's suggestion for using Lynn Allan's modules, I 
> will say that I am very hesitant to incorporate his stuff into 
> SwordReader. This is something I feel needs to be discussed more 
> thoroughly if we are to consider this an option.
No - That was not my suggestion.  I forgot that the discussion about 
Lynn's modules was not on this list, and although Robuin and Troy were 
in on the conversation, I don't think you were.  I'll copy to you the 
essence of the discussion so far.

With regard to your thoughts about the rendering being held up by the 
html code in WinCE - Troy had already made that suggestion.  It's one we 
must follow up.  So far on SwordReader, we don't need it, so it would be 
good if we can make a workaround.

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