[sword-devel] SwordReader needs better performance

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Tue Dec 25 16:40:34 MST 2007

I am with you 100%!  If I can't get to a verse or do a search within 5  secs. 
I'd almost rather use my "snail bible" or wait until I can study at home  with
BibleCS or other system.  Advancements in miniaturization have  always
come with new technology and hardly ever by just porting software down  to
the smaller machine. If there is one thing that we should keep, it is  the
common library of modules. Since disk space is not really an issue I  feel
we should go with something like lucene for the search and get  rid of as
much HTML as possible for smooth scrolling. Worst case we could
create a utility "mod2pda.exe" to convert to the optimum PDA data  structure 
these small devices and run it on installation of the mods. As far as the  
go, remember that many devices have physical wheel that can be used to  
In His Grace,
David Trotz Jr. wrote:
>The more I use SwordReader, and the more I learn about the poor HTML  
>support in WindowsCE the more I want to write my own text viewer widget.  
>Notice I specified text viewer and not HTML viewer, we don't necessarily  
>need HTML support except for a few embedded tags in the text (which  
>might be tricky to deal with), we just need something that can
>A)  Display verses, and verse numbers.
>B) Handle color such as red  letters
>C) Handle hyperlinks such as strongs numbers
>D) Scroll  fluidly.
>I am not sure if you have ever used Bible+ on the Palm but they  have a 
>nice fluid text display, and the scrolling feature in that reader  is 
>amazing. I have played with OliveTree's bible and I am convinced they  
>wrote their own viewer as well. There is not other way I can think of  
>that they get the performance they do and the functionality they have.  
>The speed of the display would be nearly instantaneous, no matter what  
>the version is being displayed. Some tricky issues would be hyperlinks,  
>but I am sure I can handle these as well.
>I will play with this  some this week and post my initial results. I will 
>develop the viewer  independently of SwordReader and once it gets to a 
>place that it can  fully perform everything the current viewer can. We 
>can decide if we  want to integrate it into SwordReader. By the way, my 
>viewer probably  won't have scrollbars (like Bible+) This will save 
>screen real estate  but still provide the same functionality just in a 
>different  way.
>What do you think?
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