[sword-devel] SwordReader - Menu proposal

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Sun Dec 23 14:40:20 MST 2007

Hi Guys,
I was thinking of redoing the Menu a bit. This is what we currently have:
| Book | Chap | Verse | Text | Find | Menu |

And for two the text variant we have:
| Bo | Ch | Ve | Te | Fi | Te2 | Menu |

This second version is really unintuitive, but I understand that screen 
real estate is precious and limited.

So I came up with an idea, (actually took part of the idea from 
OliveTree's implementation) which would look something like this:
| Menu | <>-- | ASV | 1Pe  3 : 1 | <-> |

I propose moving the menu to the left to be more consistent with most 
PocketPC apps. The <>-- would actually be a search icon. The ASV would 
be a version switcher. The 1Pe 3 : 1 would be clickable and depending on 
where you click it would open up the any one of the Book, Chapter, Verse 
pages that we currently open. The <-> would be some icon representing 
switching from Text 1 and Text 2. This layout serves a couple of 
purposes: To make better use of the screen real estate while providing 
an extra level of feedback to the end user. But I wanted to get some 
feedback before going into such a drastic change so we can debate this 
into a very user-friendly interface.

I am looking forward to your comments.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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