[sword-devel] installmgr workflow

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sun Dec 23 04:43:42 MST 2007

Am 22.12.2007 um 20:43 schrieb Karl Kleinpaste:

> Manfred Bergmann <bergmannmd at yahoo.de> writes:
>> Nope, sorry. this is not true. ImstallMgr behaves the same and
>> refreshing the install source is needed.
>> But on installing a module it seems the actual data files are not
>> copied correctly.
>> Some folders are created but that's it.  Any ideas?
> Until the source has been refreshed the first time, there is no
> mods.d.tar.gz obtained and expanded, in order to know what is  
> available
> from the source to be installed.  So you always have to refresh before
> you can do anything else, such as obtain any of its modules.
> Once you ask installmgr (or its subsystem in the UI) to install a
> module, it has to be one of the module names it learned from  
> refreshing
> the source, and the files should end up with the *.conf under mods.d  
> and
> the module's content files under modules/whatever/path/is/in/DataPath.
> That's how it works under Linux and Windows; is the directory
> arrangement different for MacOS?

Should work the same under Mac OS. But for some reason it doesn't.
Below is part of the debug log from InstallMgr.

As you can see, the module should have been installed under:

The folders modules, texts, ztext have been created.
But there is no gersch folder and thus also no files in there.

I used the trunk sources (rev 2125) for compiling sword.

And are there any error codes/messages passed though from InstallMgr  
to the caller or user in case anything goes wrong on installing?


Merry Christmas to you all


***** About to perform curl easy action.

***** destPath: /Users/mbergmann/.sword/InstallMgr/ftp.crosswire.org/modules/texts/ztext/gersch/ot.bzz

***** sourceURL: ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/raw/modules/texts/ztext/gersch/ot.bzz

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Re-using existing connection! (#0) with host ftp.crosswire.org

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Connected to ftp.crosswire.org  
( port 21 (#0)

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Request has same path as previous transfer

CURLFTPTransport: => Send header: EPSV

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Connect data stream passively

CURLFTPTransport: <= Recv header: 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode  

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT:   Trying
CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: connected

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Connecting to (  
port 17532

CURLFTPTransport: => Send header: SIZE ot.bzz

CURLFTPTransport: <= Recv header: 213 1110445

CURLFTPTransport: => Send header: RETR ot.bzz

CURLFTPTransport: <= Recv header: 150 Opening BINARY mode data  
connection for ot.bzz (1110445 bytes).

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Maxdownload = -1

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Getting file with size: 1110445

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Remembering we are in dir pub/sword/raw/ 

CURLFTPTransport: <= Recv header: 226 File send OK.

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Connection #0 to host ftp.crosswire.org left  

***** Finished performing curl easy action.

CURLFTPTransport: => Send header: QUIT

CURLFTPTransport: <= Recv header: 221 Goodbye.

CURLFTPTransport: TEXT: Closing connection #0

Installed module: [GerSch]

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