[sword-devel] Unicode python strings and SWIG interface

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Thu Dec 20 10:29:20 MST 2007

I've finally got a user interface clobbed together in  
InterfaceBuilder. I've got a static SWMgr that I'm initializing by  
calling augmentModules on every ".swd" directory in my application  
support directory. The error I'm getting seems to indicate that it  
doesn't like that I'm using Unicode strings (which is what the  
NSFileManager gives me back):

My code:

             fm = NSFileManager.defaultManager()
             modules = fm.directoryContentsAtPath_( appSupportPath )
             hasAnyModules = False
             for mod in modules:
                 if mod.pathExtension() == "swd":
                     hasAnyModules = True
                     augmentedPath = appSupportPath + "/" + mod
                     NSLog( "Augmenting path: " + augmentedPath )
ScripturesManager.mgr.augmentModules( augmentedPath )

But this is resulting in the following error:

2007-12-20 11:23:00.718 Scriptures[2919:10b] Creating new SWMgr
2007-12-20 11:23:00.724 Scriptures[2919:10b] Augmenting path: /Users/ 
jbrisbin/Library/Application Support/Scriptures/ESV.swd
2007-12-20 11:23:00.726 Scriptures[2919:10b] <type  
'exceptions.NotImplementedError'>: Wrong number of arguments for  
overloaded function 'SWMgr_augmentModules'.
   Possible C/C++ prototypes are:
     augmentModules(char const *,bool)
     augmentModules(char const *)

So it looks like I've got to covert my Unicode string to a C string or  
something similar so that SWIG can find the method I'm trying to call.

Should I be doing this differently?


Jon Brisbin

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