[sword-devel] Tagging verses and verse lists

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Wed Dec 19 05:50:17 MST 2007

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> Just so that there is no confusion over what I see the semantics of a
> hierarchical structure to be, here are my proposed semantics:
> 1. Any topic may contain verses (references if you want to be more
> generic) and sub-topics.
> 2. The verses are ordered as the user (or application) enters them,
> not in any canonical order (though allowing canonical ordering at a
> later stage may be useful).
> 3. Sub-topics are probably ordered alphabetically or as the user
> orders them.  I'm not so sure with this one which is better.
> 4. A verse is contained in a topic if it is directly contained in that
> topic or if it is contained in one of the topic's sub-topics.
> 5. Preferably, the user should be able to view a topic both
> hierarchically (verses directly contained and sub-topics), or
> completely (displaying all verses that are contained in a topic, but
> no sub-topics).
> Unless anyone convinces me otherwise, these are the semantics I would
> intend to adopt if I add hierarchical verse list / tagging / etc.
> support to BPBible.  Comments are welcome.

This looks useful and mature. Some thoughts:
3. Definitely "as the user orders them". It's not logical to allow
user-defined order with references but deny it for "folders". And for
maximum flexibility and user friendliness the end user should have
possibility to give the order.

After this we have of course to decide which data there can be: do we
need e.g. comments on each topic/folder and each reference? Can one
reference be one verse, one verse range or several verses/ranges? Etc.

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