[sword-devel] Tagging verses and verse lists

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 06:45:39 MST 2007

On Dec 18, 2007, at 7:28 AM, Jonathan Morgan wrote:

> On Dec 18, 2007 6:27 AM, Eeli Kaikkonen  
> <eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi> wrote:
>> On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>> Martin Gruner wrote:
>>>> Will this be a part of Sword?
>>>> Troy, what do you say?
>>> Since most of our frontends have some type of verse list  
>>> functionality,
>>> I would like for us to have something common in the engine we can  
>>> all
>>> use.  This will also benefit our users, allowing them to share these
>>> between applications.  We would all have to agree on an interface
>>> though, so I'd appreciate hearing from other frontend developers  
>>> on the
>>> proposed functionality and interface.
>> So I'll give my 10 eurocents.
>> I would like to see some standard for bookmarks. It would be great  
>> if we
>> could share them between platforms/applications. But I think, like  
>> Troy,
>> that passage list is a bit restricted for bookmarks. BibleTime uses a
>> tree for bookmarks though it's quite limited in other aspects.
> We have now thrown another concept into the works, "bookmarks".
> Possibly they are implemented in the same way, but, coming along as
> the user, I see a "bookmark" as a mark for something that I want to go
> back to, and so a relatively temporary thing.  I would agree with DM
> earlier that such a thing should save the state of the application,
> including the module that I am to be looking at.  On the other hand, I
> would view "verse lists" as a more permanent thing which I build up
> over time, and which is module independent.

I see them as the same thing from an implementation level. The  
application is free to use the mechanism in various ways: Bookmarks,  
Topic lists, saved state, ..... How the application presents them to  
the user gives the appearance of transience or permanence.

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