[sword-devel] Cocoa SWORD?

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Mon Dec 17 12:11:40 MST 2007

I'm trying to learn to write Cocoa/Python apps on my new OS X Leopard  
MacBook Pro. I'm traditionally a Java and Web programmer, so I'm not  
really in my element here.

I've downloaded and compiled the sword API, but I haven't installed it  
because I think I want to include the .dylib in my project directly,  
rather than installing it in my /usr/local, right? Doing a "make  
install" on it would break portability, if I'm understanding it right.

I think my first task is to get the SWORD API built into a Mac OS X  
framework. Has anyone done this already? Or do you just link against a  
command-line-compiled version of the .dylib?

First of many questions, I'm sure...


Jon Brisbin

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