[sword-devel] SwordReader - Experimental Double Buffering

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 14 06:59:41 MST 2007

Hi David ..........

Thanks for this.  I'll make a build and try it on my device and report back.

David Trotz wrote:
[Psalm 8]
> This is confirmed it appears to be some error in the markup, unless 
> some option such as footnotes or strongs or morph s is turned on 
> nothing displays for Psalm 8:1.
It displays properly with the build from subversion 57, and your last 
two commits bring it to ver. 59, so the problem is new.  Sorry.
> Thanks, I really hope we figure out some of these issues or decide on 
> a new approach because I really feel that display times is a big deal 
> and a solvable issue.
The advantages are obvious.  I've never tried the Olive Tree stuff; as 
soon as I got my Ppc (September), I found that the original version of 
SwordReader was useable and never bothered with anything else.  But I 
agree the long delay in re-painting SwordReader screens is bearable but 
very annoying.  Now I'm playing about with installer stuff, I probably 
won't do any more work on the SwordReader stuff for a while.  I'd like 
to make cross refs work, but that should be fairly quick and will only 
affect simplenavigator.cpp.  Beyond that, I think I'll concentrate on 
the installation of modules.  If you have any thoughts on the best 
process for that, please say.

God bless,

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