[sword-devel] SwordReader - Experimental Double Buffering added.]

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 14 02:54:47 MST 2007

Hi David .......

David Trotz wrote:
> Verse scrolling is now fixed and committed.
I can see the advantage ......  but it's broken something!  On the ARM 
emulator (remember that this is incredible slow, so you can see the 
'stages' it goes through).  On the ARM emulator, go to Matt 1:1 and turn 
on morphs in kjv.  It fairly quickly shows half a screen with the 
morphs, but clicking on them does nothing 'till the whole screen gets 
painted.  On the emulator there's time to make a coffee while you're 
waiting.  If you tap on 'books' while things are re-building, you get 
books and texts highlighted, but nothing seems to work properly - I gave 
up waiting at this point .........  the only menubar item that worked 
was the menu button so I shut it down.

KJV again, fired it up and went straight to the books menubar item 
(before the main buffer had chance to load).  This froze everything 
except the shutdown option which worked.

Still with the kjv.  Leave time for it to load the main buffer, then do 
books/Psalm 8 v 1 - this seems not to display anything at all.

I've not tried any other operations beyond those, but that should give 
you some things to go on.  For the moment, I'm going to restore the old 
files as the one I'm working on is not among your committed files. 

Sorry to bring bad news to what is actually going to be a valuable 
concept .........  great work so far!!

God bless,

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