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Frank fchimes at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 10:30:36 MST 2007

Daniel Blake wrote:
> Sounds interesting, Brian.  Reading your post reminded me of a 
> discussion earlier this year.  I searched and found the thread I 
> remembered.  It talks about individually implemented Sword protocols.
> I was going to put a link to the thread in the sword-devel Archives 
> <http://www.crosswire.org/pipermail/sword-devel/> but I found the 
> March 2007 archive incomplete.
> *"Archived on:* /Mon Mar 12 13:42:02 MST 2007/" so everything after 
> that isn't available.
> If you still have them locally, look for the subject "Sword URL" on 
> 3/13/2007.  It was an off shoot of the subject "dynamic versification"
> Specifically it mentions these implementations.
> MacSword - sword://
> "MacSword has installed a protocol handler into the Safari web browser 
> so that the sword:// urls are passed off to MacSword, starting it if 
> it is not running, rather than displaying them in the browser. (It 
> doesn't work very well and I can get it to crash MacSword)"
> JSword - bible://
> "With JSword, I have played with embedding IE and FireFox as the 
> display engine for BibleDesktop."
> GnomeSword - sword://
> "GS understands "sword://ModuleName/KeyIntoThatModule" where the key 
> is obviously a verse reference for Bibles and commentaries, but just 
> as easily is a treekey for genbooks and lexdicts."
> Hope this is helpful.
> Daniel Blake
There's also a KDE kioslave which implements sword:// in Konqueror.



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