[sword-devel] JSword Implementation

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 11:33:49 MST 2007

David Overcash wrote:
> Hey all!
> I'm trying to create an android (read: google phone) port of sword 
> using the jsword library (as the android sdk is basically java).  I 
> can't seem to figure out how to link in the common-swing and jsword 
> libraries into my eclipse project.  I have all of the source checked 
> out to my workspace directory via svn.  I started looking at the 
> JSword API Introduction, but it seemed to skip over that particular 
> step (while the code itself to show you how to use the library is 
> great!)...
> Any help would be much appreciated!

My way of working is to bring in the projects I need from SVN. Sounds 
like you did this. Then in the project that I am creating, I reference 
those projects in the build path.

To do this right click on your project -> Properties -> Build Path -> 
Projects -> Add -> check the projects to use -> OK.

Notice that these project references are recursive. JSword depends upon 
Common and including JSword automatically brings in Common.

If you have the BibleDesktop project in Eclipse, you can see how it is 
set up.

Hope this helps.

Looking forward to seeing your results!!!!


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