[sword-devel] Tagging verses and verse lists

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sun Dec 2 12:06:51 MST 2007

Jonathan, those are some good suggestions. I would like to suggest that 
if nothing else is done at this time perhaps some additions to the SWORD 
Verse List File .SVL Format could be made. These files are simple text 
files and can be edited in most editors if the .SVL is preserved. At 
lest in BibleCS if you add things that are not recognized as a verse 
reference they are ignored without hurting the list. Passages are taken 
as the first verse of the passage only. This means you can add comments 
and passage references to the list. You can't do them while in BibleCS 
but they can be done and the result can still be used in BibleCS though 
without the improvements showing.

I don't know how these things are now handled in the other front ends 
but I would like to suggest the following ideas be implemented in the 
.SVL standard.

1) Title - a title that displays in the in the list, ie, "The Names of God."

2) Anchors/Sections - a way to designate sections and link to them, ie, 
"References to LORD Provides", "See also LORD"

3) Comments - Comments display along with the verse lists, ie, "The noun 
form of provide is prevision from Latin for seen beforehand."

4) Passages

I assume these things can and would be done with OSIS. If so, front ends 
could  be encouraged to implement the additions to the standard or 
gracefully ignore what is not implemented, much like BibleCS now ignores 
anything that it does not recognize as a reference. Also, front ends 
should be encouraged to show the file name or title as the name of the 
verse list window instead of the default "Verse List" (BibleCS), if the 
list has been saved or loaded. Other cool front end features are, search 
tool to set the scope of a search to the references in the list, an edit 
tool and a paste or insert tool to insert the clipboard or another verse 

This doesn't do all the Tag suggestions but they would be nice features.


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