[sword-devel] HTMHREF footnote URL to footnote text

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 1 06:42:44 MST 2007

Hi Troy ..........

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Barry, it looks like SwordIndex declares it as a static, so you should 
> be able to simply use it like:
I think I may have the answer.  I managed to build the library under the 
free Borland Explorer compiler, and got the commandline 'lookup' example 
to work so I could play with that.  I had to get both Clucene and 
ICU-sword in order for this to build, and so obviously they can't be in 
the cut-down library that SwordReader builds.  Looking at what happens, 
I think it requires ICU for ->RenderText() to work properly.  Am I right? 

I did try pasting the code out of lookup that shows the use of 
getEntryAttributes and the strings that the 'lookup' example print shows 
the text of the footnote.  In SwordReader, they simply miss the text 
strings out altogether (although I get the other information about 
Lemmas etc., so I guess that must be the answer. If so, I'm either going 
to have to link ICU into SwordReader or (probably) work out another way 
of parsing the footnote out of the raw verse text which I have no 
problem getting.  As I only want footnotes at the moment, that might be 
the simple answer.

God bless,

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