[sword-devel] Sword OSIS quotation mark handling question

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 30 18:03:16 MST 2007

Thanks for the memory jogger, Chris.  I think the debate in the WG was 
the desire to use <q> when alluding to OT passages, which I adamantly 
opposed, as it would seem to imply a linguistic structure equivalent to:

And in Psalm 119 it says, "....."

When in fact, the NT authors often only allude to OT passages-- far from 
quoting them verbatim, and often combining from multiple sources to make 
their point, at hand.  Doing a quick scan of the OSIS 2.1.1 spec it 
looks like Patrick incorporated that debate with the following semantic 
which sanctions a few official seg types, (still allowing non-sanctioned 
x- others):

<xs:simpleType name="segType">
      <xs:union memberTypes="osisSegs attributeExtension"/>

<xs:simpleType name="osisSegs">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
           <xs:enumeration value="alluded"/>
           <xs:enumeration value="keyword"/>
           <xs:enumeration value="otPassage"/>
           <xs:enumeration value="verseNumber"/>

<xs:simpleType name="attributeExtension">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
           <xs:pattern value="x-([^\s])+"/>

So, yes, DM is correct about using <seg type="otPassage"> (which doesn't 
include any misunderstood connotation about how literal the author might 
be 'quoting' the otPassage).  I think Patrick threw in the "alluded" 
type as well from the debate, but I suspect he was just being safe that 
he didn't misunderstand the resolution.  Maybe a good item to review if 
there is ever another OSIS meeting. :)  I didn't remember using this for 
the first rev of the NASB.  It was likely invalid at the time of first use.

Chris Little wrote:
> Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
>> The same 
>> technique would be useful for translating the USFM \qt ...\qt* markup 
>> (which is marked verse-by-verse to indicate OT quotes in the NT) to <q 
>> marker="" who="OT" sID="somethingunique">...<q marker="" who="OT" 
>> eID="somethingunique">. If you regard this as acceptable, then I'll just 
>> embrace it quickly before anyone objects. :-)
> I seem to recall that there is some special markup for OT quotes in the 
> NT. Troy should know since this was one of his things. I seem to 
> remember something about "otCite" but I don't see it in the schema.
> There's always <hi type="small-caps">. :) (Um... not that I would ever 
> recommend such heresy as taking semantic markup from USFM and turning it 
> into presentation in OSIS.
> --Chris
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