[sword-devel] olpc discussion

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Apr 29 22:38:17 MST 2007

First, my apologies for being so absent lately.  I'm excited to see all 
the traffic.  Should be back in the swing of things in a week or so.

Sean Kennedy wrote:
> Since these devices are supposed to be networked most of the time, maybe 
> a web app would be a better fit.

We have a full-featured web application available at:


As much work as we have put into this application (and honestly, I use 
it more than any other application for my personal study), as was 
commented in another post, I also think it would be nice to allow the 
users to download and take home a Bible or two when they have internet 
access, which Bibletime and Gnomesword allow with their builtin remote 
module installers.  Was there still any hope either of these might run?


   I think that would have appeal beyond
> the OLPC crowd ... of course, then someone has to host it ... unless it 
> is small enough to be run right on the local machine (in which case 
> everything would have to be done client side, because there won't be a 
> server daemon on that hardware)
> Programming is fun again when hardware limitations have to be considered!
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